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Skyline Keyword Linking is a set of component and content plugin for Joomla 2.5 and later versions. It automatically converts defined keywords in Joomla article to links. This is useful to improve internal cross referencing pages inside your site or link to external partner (SEO).

Skyline Keyword Linking provides a powerful links and keywords management that allows you to manage keywords by categories in Joomla back-end when corresponding articles are viewed in front-end. Instead of displaying so many words on SEO, the search results are displayed by keywords in categories.

Skyline Keyword Linking also works with long key phrases, these key phrases are configured to point to different links. The component is simple to use and appropriate for all website types such as education, organization, business website...


  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and later versions.
  • Support unlimited keywords and categories.
  • Direct SEO benefit by building internal and external links for your website.
  • HOT Define keywords (keyword phrases) in singular or plural form.
  • Define title for links.
  • Option to set how to display page when clicking links
  • Easy to add available links to articles on website.
  • Easy to add images from the resource files or from Url in categories.
  • Filter keywords by category.
  • Define DoFollow or NoFollow for each link.
  • HOT Limit the maximum number of generated links in one article.
  • Customize style class of link.
  • Option to exclude tags, so that link will not define the words contain these tags.
  • HOT Fully compatible with com_K2.
  • Easy and friendly administration.

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From Administrator Top Menu, choose ExtensionsPlug-in Management, search for Content - Skyline Keyword Linking, click to enable status. Sl keyword linking plugin enable status.png

Setting for Plugin Details Option

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Setting for Plugin Basic Options

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Sl keyword linking plugin basic option.png

  • No Follow: Choose No to make "Follow link tooltip showing".
  • Target: Open the link page in a new window, a parent window, the same frame or in full body of the window.
  • Case Sensitivity: Option allows to link the uppercase keyword even when the keyword is in lowercase settings.
  • Link Limit: Limit links for each keyword. If you set the Link Limit = 1, only one keyword link can be displayed although there's more than one keyword in the content.
  • Link Class: Set style, javascript... for links. For example, use hasTip to make Joomla tooltip everytime you hover your mouse to a link.
  • Keyword Format: Format of keyword link.
  • Excluded Tags: Keyword link will displayed except for these excluded tags.

Create New Category

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  • From the Administrator site, click ComponentsSkyline Keyword Linking → Categories Tab. Click to New option make a new category.

Category new.png

  • The Title of category is required.

Com keyword category new.png

  • Title: The name of the category. This is requested by default.
  • Alias: Alias of category title.
  • Parent: Choose one parent category from existing categories or No parent.
  • Status: Published, Unpublished, Archived or Trashed.
  • Access: public (for user and guest), registered (for user only).

Or choose an existing category to edit
Com keyword category edit.png

Create New Keyword

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Click on ComponentsSkyline Keyword LinkingKeyword from the main screen to add new keyword. Keyword and URL of Keyword are required.
Com option new.png
Com keyword new.png

  • Keyword: Add the keyword in the blank.
  • Keyword (Plural): Plural type of keyword.
  • Category: Choose a category for the keyword.
  • Link URL: Link address to another website when click in one keyword.
  • Tooltip: The extra description displayed if you hover your mouse to a keyword.
  • Target: Open the link page in a new window, a parent window, the same frame or in full body of the window.By default, it inherits Target option from Plugin settings.

Create some more keywords and back to main screen to manage them.
Com keyword main screen.png

Edit an Existing Keyword

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  • Search for the keyword you want and click to edit.

Com keyword edit.png


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  • Set default Permissions used for all content in this component.

Sl com keyword con.png

Display on Frontend

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Keyword is displayed on singular form
Keyword is displayed on plural form

Keyword Linking with K2 Component

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Skyline Keyword Linking is fully compatible with K2 Component.

  • Download and Install com_k2 successfully.
  • Publish a random K2 item.

Sl com keyword linking k2 article.png

  • The defined links and keywords will be displayed automatically in all K2 contents.

Sl com keyword linking k2 display.png

Keyword Linking with Zoo Component

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Skyline Keyword Linking absolutely works well with Zoo Component.

Sl com keyword linking zoo article.png

  • All the main features are the same as com_content. The keyword will display the links automatically for all Zoo contents.

Sl com keyword linking zoo display.png


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All the questions regarding specific details or need any help with the product, feel free to contact us or join Extstore forum for best support.

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