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Skyline Floating Admin Toolbar is a light-weight plugin that allows users work with long list of data in Joomla 2.5. It's very inconvenient when we have to scroll down to select items the scroll up to click buttons in toolbar. This simple plugin will solve out this trouble.

Skyline Floating Admin Toolbar is not remain fixed at the top of the screen as traditional toolbar. Users do not need to push there page so many times to find the things the need. The admin toolbar will be kept in your eye every time you move your page up and down.


Download Skyline Floating Admin Toolbar from our website at Then install the extension as 3 following sub steps.

  • Step 1: From Administrator Top Menu, choose Extension->Extension Manager
  • Step 2: Click Browse to the file of Skyline Floating Admin Toolbar, then Click Upload and Install
  • Step 3: Install Skyline Floating Admin Toolbar successful.


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  • On the Admin Top Menu, choose Extension Manager, click in Plug-in Manager.
  • Choose Skyline Floating Admin Toolbar. Remember to publish the plugin.

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  • Customize class and CSS

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  • The result is every time you push you page up and down, the admin toolbar is at the same position.

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All the questions regarding specific details or need any help with the product, feel free to contact us or join Extstore forum for best support.

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