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Skyline Downloads Pro is a complete solution of management and sharing documents or files for your Joomla website.

Categories management: Skyline Downloads Pro allows you to create unlimited categories. One of the greatest features is when you change the setting, it will apply to main and all sub-categories. In general, the sub-categories permission inherited from parent categories. In the case of conflicting with parent categories or component settings, it will be indicated by not allowed. All properties assigned to a category (permissions, metadata, templates, etc.) remain after copying or moving. However, you can edit the category in its new location and adjust as you needed.

Documents management: Skyline Downloads Pro is not only helpful and powerful in managing documents but also in sharing a huge amount of document files. You can add metadata: title, alias, selected category, status, featured or not, ordering, language, short and full description to every document. It’s very easy to add, edit or remove document files and document images.

SEO: You can add an image and note for each category and document. Furthermore, it’s simple to set meta description and meta keywords by making an optional paragraph in or a comma-separated list of key words, phrases. These will be used as the description of the page in the HTML output and generally display in the results of search engine.

Skyline Downloads Pro gives you a flexible and effective permission to control users who can view, download, rate and comment from front-end and back-end. Also, they can choose what are featured documents. More interestingly, they can manage the download logs of registered users.


Downloads pro.png
  • NEW Subfolder support for images and files management.
  • NEW Drag & Drop upload for multiple images and files.
  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and later versions of Joomla.
  • Documents managed by infinite categories and subcategories.
  • Support to add multiple files to a document.
  • Support to add multiple images to gallery of document.
  • Option to input Documentation and Demo link.
  • Displaying download items sorted by name, date modified, most recent, most downloads.
  • Option to Show/Hide header bar.
  • Option to Show/Hide field in info box (uploaded, downloads, rating...) in both list view and item view.
  • Option to hide "More Details" button in list view.
  • HOT Support for Xmap component.
  • Security of files folder and images folder.
  • HOT Plugins for Search and Smart Search.
  • HOT License management for document.
  • Support remote urls.
  • Integrate with multibox to display the gallery.
  • Integrate with JComments.
  • Ajax rating system.
  • Nice theme. With the template engine, it's easy to make a new template inherited from default theme.
  • About Page - Show off more details of product and further information.

See more in our demo page.


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Main screen in back-end

  • From Administrator site, choose ComponentsSkyline Downloads Pro

Com downloads pro dash board.png

  • On the Dashboard of Skyline Downloads Pro shows the quick icons to navigate documents and categories. The documents are arranged by Date Added, Date Updated, Total Hits and Total Downloads.

Create new category

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  • Click to Categories tab from the Main Screen, choose New to create new category.

Category new.png

  • The Title of category is required.

Com downloads pro new category.png

  • Title: The name of the category. This is requested by default.
  • Alias: Alias of category title.
  • Parent: Choose one parent category from existing categories or No parent.
  • Status: Published, Unpublished, Archived or Trashed.
  • Access: public (for user and guest), registered (for user only).

Create new document

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Click to Documents tab on the Main Screen to create new document.
Com option new.png

Setting for Details

Create new document

  • Title of the document is required.
  • Alias: The alias of document title.
  • Category: Choose a category to contain the document.
  • Status: Published, Unpublished, Archived or Trashed.
  • Featured: Choose Yes to make the document to be featured on the Document Home page.

Setting for Document Files

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Com downloads pro new doc document files.png

  • Title: Title of the uploaded file.
  • File Name: Click select button and a pop-up will appear to upload the file.Moreover, it allows to manage all files as a document library.

Com downloads pro upload file.png

  • Published: Click in to publish a file or not.
  • Remove: Remove a file from files list but in fact, it still remains in the library.
  • Add more files: Click to add more files to a document.

Setting for Document Images

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  • Options to Add/Remove/Publish extra images for document. The images library is managed the same as Document files.

Com downloads pro new doc document images.png

Setting for Description

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Com downloads pro new doc desc.png

  • Short Description: Some basic information about the document. It will be showed right after the document.
  • Description: Make full description about the document. Show on frontend after click in button More Details or when you choose to display Document Menu Item Type at frontend.

Setting for Options

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  • Publishing Options: Used to add information of author and date. Downloads Counter logs times of downloading document.

Com downloads pro doc publishing option.png

  • Basic Options:

Com downloads pro doc basic option.png

  • These information will display on each document's detailed page:
    • Version: Update Version log for the document.
    • Image: Choose an image to represent for the document. This will display as an icon when you show documents in list at frontend.
    • License: Add the license created for the document.
    • Documentation URL: Link to the instruction page.
    • Demo URL: Link created to Demo site.
  • Permission Options: Set permission of users to download, rate, comment on the document.

Com downloads pro doc permission option.png

  • Metadata Options: SEO settings. These options not only help you to manage the documents, but also support the users to find other products and related info more easily.

Com downloads pro doc metadata option.png

  • Meta Description: An optional paragraph to be used as the description that generally display in the results of search engines.
  • Meta Keywords: A list of keyword or key phrases separated by commas that will be defined as tags and links for the document.

Edit an existing document

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  • Click to Documents tab on the Main Screen, choose an existing document to edit.

Com downloads pro edit doc.png

Delete a document

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  • Select the documents and click button Trash. But when you delete a document, it isn't completely deleted. It is moved to trash so it shows in front end if you are logging in with admin account. To completely delete it, select the status to Trash.

Com downloads pro trashed status.png

  • Then select the document you want to delete and click to Empty Trash button.

Com downloads pro empty trash.png

Featured documents

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  • To mark a document as featured document, you can create new or edit an existing document, but the the Featured Option must be enable to Yes.

Com downloads pro featured documents.png

  • Click to Featured Documents tab from the Main Screen to see the list.

Com downloads pro featured docs.png

  • Along with Categories, all of these Featured Documents will appear at the main page on frontend.

Manage Download Logs

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Click to Download Logs tab from the Main Screen of Skyline Downloads Pro to manage. Please note that only download hits from Registered users are recorded in Download Logs.
Com downloads pro download logs.png


  • Click to License tab on Main Screen to create a new license.

Com downloads new license.png

  • Or edit an existing licenses. These license would use for download documents.

Com downloads edit license.png

  • When the users want to download a document contained license, there will appear a popup window. After you click in Accept Button, the download progress continues immediately.

Com downloads license accept.png

Create Skyline Downloads module

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  • From Administrator site, choose ExtensionsModule Manager, search for Skyline Downloads. Click in to enable and edit.

Com downloads module.png

Settings for Details

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Com downloads pro docs preview list details settings.png

  • Position: the position you have in a template. For example: position-7 of default Beez20 template.
  • Status: published, unpublished or trashed.
  • Access: public (for user and guest), registered (for user only).
  • Ordering: The ordering the module will be put with other modules in the same position

Settings for Basic Options

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Com downloads pro docs preview list option settings.png

  • Module Class Suffix: Suffix applied to the CSS class to customize individual module styling.
  • Select Categories: Select category in which all the documents will be displayed.
  • Limit: Max number of documents will be displayed.
  • Show Category: Choose Yes to show the category of document.
  • Show Date: Show or not show date of document.
  • Show Info: Option to show hits and downloads information of document.
  • Date Format: Format of date to be showed.
  • Order By: Order of documents to be displayed

Settings for Menu Assignment

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Option menu assignment.png

  • Module Assignment: Choose to assign module in selected pages.
  • Menu Selection: Select menu type.

About Page

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Com downloads about page.png



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  • Click to ComponentsSkyline Downloads Pro, click Option to set the configuration

Com downloads pro general configure.png

  • Upload Path: Set path to save files.
  • Extensions: Decide what kinds of extensions of downloadable files.
  • Days For New: Number of days for marking product as new.
  • Downloads For Hot: Number of downloads for marking product as hot.
  • Enable JComments: Choose Yes to add JComments after every document.
"An example of a new document and a hot document."

If a document had enough condtions to be both a hot and new one, it would be marked as a hot document.


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Com downloads pro template.png
Besides, variety of options to show/hide header bar, fields in info box (uploaded, modified, downloads, rating, tags...) in both list view and item view of the template.

Document Permissions

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Com downloads pro document permission.png
Set user groups to download, rate and comment.

  • Public: All users can download the files.
  • Registered: Only registered users can download the files.
  • Special: Only special users group can download the files.
  • Rate on List: Choose Yes to allow user rate on a document in document list.


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Com downloads pro permission.png

  • Set default permissions used for all content in this component.

Display on Frontend

Component Download Home

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Create a menu item

  • Click to MenusMenu ManagerAdd new menu to make a new menu. Or choose a menu from list to edit.

Com downloads pro menu item.png

  • A popup window will appear. Choose the menu item type in Skyline Downloads Pro
Com downloads pro menu links.png

Display with Menu type

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Category menu type

Document menu typeWhen you use this menu item type, the document ID is required

Frontpage menu type. If you click to more detail, it will be displayed like this

Component Search Document

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The Search Box

  • Search Keywords: Enter keyword you want to search.
  • Category: Choose one or all category to find in.
  • Ordering: Search by newest first, Oldest Updates first, Most Hits or Alphabetical title.
  • Search for: Option to search exactly the word or other search results.
  • Search where: Search in Title, Tag or Description.

Module Documents Preview List

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Preview List Module

Downloads Pro Search Plugins

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  • In addition to make Search Feature within the component, Skyline Downloads Pro also creates great effects on Search Optimization for your Joomla website.

Back to your Administrator site, click on ExtensionsPlug-in Manager, then find for Search - Skyline Downloads Pro plugins. Com downloads pro search plugins.png

  • If you Have or Do-Not-Have the Search module, you should take a quick look at these modules and put them in your desired positions. Click in ExtensionsModule ManagerNew to create new Search and Smart Search modules:

Com downloads pro search create new.png


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Enable Search - Skyline Downloads Pro plugin and setting for some basic options.
Com downloads pro search plugin basic options.png

  • Search Limit: Limit the number of items search result.
  • Documents: Turn on to enable searching for all Documents.
  • Archived Documents: Choose option to Search or Not Search archived documents.

Smart Search

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  • Enable Smart Search - Skyline Downloads Pro plugin.
  • Go to ComponentsSmart Search and create index.

Com downloads pro index creating.png

  • Waiting in some seconds for the indexing process to complete.

Com downloads pro index complete.png

Show on Frontend

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Search Box

  • Your website's visitors would not only find the results from Joomla contents but also the products from Downloads Pro component.
Search Result

Using Sitemap by Xmap Downloads Pro Plugin

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There are 3 main steps to display Downloads Pro documents and categories list as an Xmap's sitemap.

  • Step 1: Create Menu link to Frontpage of Downloads Pro.
  • Step 2: Create Xmap to display the menu in step 1.
  • Step 3: Create Menu link to HTML Xmap.

See more details here


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  • Download Xmap and install this component successfully in your site.
  • Setting for Xmap - Downloads Pro plugin:

On the Admin Toolbar, choose ExtensionsPlug-in Manager, then search for Xmap - Skyline Downloads Pro Plugin and enable it to use. Com downloads xmap plugin.png

Setting for Details

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Com downloads xmap plg details setting.png

Setting for Basic Options

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Com downloads xmap plg basic options.png

  • Show Documents: Choose the option to implement documents into the site map.
  • Max Documents: Limit the number of documents per category in sitemap.

Setting for XML Sitemap

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Com downloads xmap plg xml settings.png

  • Category Priority: Use parent menu settings or select the level priority for categories.
  • Category Change Frequency: Set the change frequency for categories.
  • Document Priority: Set the priority for documents.
  • Document Change Frequency: Choose time for changing the frequency for the documents.

Step 1: Frontpage Menu Item

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In Administrator site, Click in Menus to make new or edit one menu item. Whether you choose, the Menu Item Type must be Downloads Pro's Frontpage.
Com downloads frontpage sitemap.png

Step 2: Create Sitemap in Xmap Component

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  • Choose ComponentsXmap. Then choose a sitemap to edit or create new one.

Xmap options.png

  • All the settings would be normal but there are two things you should not forget: Name of Sitemap and choose the right menu to display sitemap.

Com downloads xmap sitemap setting.png

Step 3: HTML Sitemap Menu Item

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  • Choose one menu which you want to display the sitemap in. Then create a new or edit an existing menu item. The Menu Item Type is HTML Site map.

Com downloads html sitemap.png

  • Then Select one sitemap from the list you've just created in Step 2.

Com downloads html sitemap selection.png

Display on Frontend

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Click in Products Sitemap menu to display sitemap.

Com downloads sitemap display.png


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All the questions regarding specific details or need any help with the product, feel free to contact us or join ExtStore forum for best support.

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