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Skyline Content Advertisement is a plugin that integrates ads/sponsors slots into contents of your Joomla website. Google Adsense, affiliate network and individual sales advertising can be displayed in Joomla articles (com_content) or in K2 articles (com_k2). You can make advertisement for individual article in article edit page, for group of articles in a category and in a category edit page or for all articles in plugin configuration.


  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5 and later versions.
  • Compatible with K2 component.
  • HOT Support 3 positions for com_content: After Display Title, Before Display Content, After Display Content.
  • HOT Support 5 positions for com_k2: Before Display, After Display Title, Before Display Content, After Display Content, After Display.
  • Categories can be inherited ads from parent categories.
  • Display fields for inputting advertisements in article edit page and category edit page automatically (for both com_content and com_k2).
  • Priority displaying orders in descending from article, category to parent category and plugin.
  • Easy to add HTML, CSS and JS tags (Banner, Google Adsense,...).

Click here to see demo.


  • Download the latest version of Skyline Content Advertisement at
  • Go to Administrator site, choose Extension → Extension Manager. Then Browse the file and click Upload and Install.
  • Install Skyline Content Advertisement successfully.


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From back-end, choose ExtensionsPlug-in Manager and search for Skyline Content Advertisement. Note to enable the plugin. Plu sl content ads enable.png

General Parameters

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After installing Skyline Content Advertisement, these options appeared automatically in all articles, categories, parent categories in com_content and com_k2. They make up style and positions of ads.

  • Enable: Choose Yes/No to Enable/Disable Ads.
  • Before Display: Ads display above the main content and side panel areas.
  • After Display Title: Type code to display ads directly after the item title.
  • Before Display Content: Ads display before the start of the main content area.
  • After Display Content: Ads display after the end of the main content area.
  • After Display: Ads display after the end of the main content and side panel areas, right before the footer.

Create Ads in Joomla articles

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  • Click ContentArticle Manager from Admin Toolbar to select an article. Click in to edit.

Article beginners.png

  • Or create a new article.

Option new.png

  • There's always available setting options. Type the ads code into the right positions.

Sl content ads plugin options.png

  • If you have some problems with ads After Display Title, click Article Options to hide the Show Intro Text.

Sl plu content ads article option.png

  • Display at front-end
Plu sl content ads fron-tend display.png

Create Ads in Joomla categories

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  • Choose Content → Category Manager to manage.
  • All the steps are at the same way with articles but the priority to display ads from categories to their parent categories.

Sl content ads categories options.png

  • Any article in that category will display ads in front-end like this:
Sl plu content ads categories display.png

Create Ads for all Joomla contents

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  • From Administrator site, click in ExtensionsPlug-in Management, search for Skyline Content Advertisement and check in to edit.

Sl content ads plugin.png

  • There are 5 parameters to customize. But with the Joomla Articles (com_content), please note that they are supported only 3 parameters: After Display Title, Before Display Content, After Display Content.
    • When you type the ads code in one of these boxes, the advertisement will be displayed in all contents on your website.
    • Max Category Depth option to customize the category levels from which subcategories and items inherited.

Plu sl content ads option.png

  • Display on front-end
Sl plu content ads display.png

Create Ads in K2 Component

Skyline Content Advertisement supports to display ads with all 5 positions in com_k2.

Ads in K2 items

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From back-end, choose ComponentsK2Items. Click to edit an available item or create new one.
K2 options new item.png Sl plu content ads k2 items.png

Ads in K2 categories and parent categories

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Choose ComponentsK2Categories. Select one category to edit or create new category. K2 options new category.png Sl plu content ads k2 categories.png


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All the questions regarding specific details or need any help with the product, feel free to contact us or join Extstore forum for best support.

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