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Skyline Mootools Mega Menu is a plugin of Skyline Menu Pro that makes Skyline Menu work same as mega menu from JAT3 Framework. It is fully compatible with JAT3 Mega Menu and you can read instruction here.


  • Compatible with Joomla 2.5+.
  • Show title and add description to the menu item.
  • HOT Customize the columns of menu.
  • Adjust the width of submenu and submenu column.
  • 2 brilliant default themes: silver and opera theme.
  • Support menu wrapper.
  • Control hide time delay.
  • Custom CSS to specify the visual style of menu.

Click here to see demo.


Mootools mega menu publish.png

  • Go to Extensions → Module Manger, click New on the option bar to create a new Skyline Menu Pro module.

Option new.png

  • A pop-up window will appear, click to Skyline Menu Pro, click to edit the settings.

Menu pro new menu item.png

Setting for Mootools Mega Menu

Setting for Details

Just follow the guide here

Setting for Basic Option

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Sl menu pro MM menu basic.png

  • Select Plugin: Default (used as the Joomla menu); If you choose Mootools Mega Menu, you may customize the following Mootools Mega Menu Options.
  • Select menu: Choose Mootools Mega Menu to display.
  • Menu Tag ID: Enter a value to assign as the id property of the root tag when the Menu is displayed.
  • Start Level: Level to start rendering.
  • End Level: Level to end rendering.
  • Show sub-menu items: Choose Yes/No to show or not show your menu in multilevel

Setting for Advanced Options

Just follow the guide here

Setting for Mootools Mega Menu Options

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Sl menu pro MMM menu.png

  • Theme: Theme Style of Mega Menu: Opera or Silver style.
  • Wrapper Selector: Selector of the element that contains the menu for aligning menu.

If you let it be normal. The menu will display like this:

Sl menu pro MMM menu wrapper selector main.png

But if you edit the wrapper selector to be #all, There will be no overflow outside the template. Sl menu pro MMM menu wrapper selector all.png

  • Animation Type: Enable/Disable or Customize the Mega Menu animation in LTR mode in None, Fade, Slide, Slide & Fade.
  • Animation Duration: Time for the slide/fade effect applied to Mega Menu.
  • Delay Hide Time: Time delay before hidding the submenu when mouse out.
  • Custom CSS: Modify the visual style of the menu.

Setting for Menu Assignment

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Option menu assignment.png

  • Module Assignment: Choose to assign module in selected pages.
  • Menu Selection: Select menu type.

Settings for Mega Menu Items

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MenusMenu Manager, click in a menu type. For example: click to Using Extensions to edit, then choose Mega Menu Parameters to set up.

Sl mootools mega menu item.png

Mega Menu Items Parameters

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  • Show Title: Show or Not Show title of menu items.
  • Add Description: Add information shown as the Tag line below the Menu Item and Submenu Item Title.
  • Columns: Numbers of columns for first level menu items.
  • Group: Yes for number of columns per first level menu items.
  • Submenu Width: Set the width of submenu
  • Subdmenu Column Width:Set the width of submenu columns
  • Submenu Column[i] Width: Enter the desired width for every column like colw1=200 or colw3=300
  • Additional Class: Additional CSS class to apply to the menu items.
  • Submenu Content: Choose content to show in submenus. Use Ctrl + Click to select Multiple Items.
    • Child menu items: Option to show child menu items.
    • Modules: Select module to display menu.
    • Module positions: Select the position to display menu.

Show on the frontpage

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All the questions regarding specific details or need any help with the product, feel free to contact us or join Extstore forum for best support.

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